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What on Earth?!

Forever unfolding,

hi friends. hello, monday.

I have thought of a question, to ask! or maybe to think amongst..

What’s your… goal in life?’…What is, your mission on Earth. Who, what, when, here and why, are you?

^This is a question that I have played through time and time again, I seldom subconciously find myself feeling pulled in two different directions. On one hand it is to seek spiritual solitude (The Hermit in Tarot) to connect completly with my soul. On the other hand, to be an adventurous humanitarian (Aquarius Sun-Sign). I want to be there for people if/when they may need me even if they don’t

Do you ever find yourself in this predicament to varying degrees?

I like to believe the concept is “a human thing”

and most it feels to me like it is because it is relatable.

Who can answer to “Do you know what it is that you want to do for the rest of your life?” I can! “Be human, always kind” Things I find joy in change with time, what doesn’t?

Today has been a good, Monday! I feel content with how my day has evolved:) I love how through time, during the day, the sun comes in and out to radiate light to us earthlings and the planet.

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Living vs. Existing|

when you *live* in The Moment.. you simply don’t “think” about The Past…. you really don’t even “refer” to The Future. Whats is really going on, is that,

*You Are Alive* not just a “life” This is the differential between Living and Existing. Existing is a “sting” or an impulse to essentially Wishing/Thinking to, Leave.

*Being <in> The Present Moment*

That being stated (The First Line) One doesn’t really Think About Any-Thing, one is fully embodying their soul and grounding it into their incarnation – thus are Being.

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working with what we have| Tuesday & Act!on

these days,

Living in “a time” in which the very ilk of our reality as we know it, for the first time(ever) one can simply “do nothing” at all and be okay.

Now, go ahead and read it a few times, what ever you need to, do.

I do not insinuate that we should forget any “time” for that is of conscious value. What I am implying is that there were/was great sacrifices done to and for man-kind.

Your ancestors, my ancestors. His story and hers. Eras. You get what I am saying?

Living, today can be full of life or simply existing. There is a massive difference between the two like grapes and lemons. One is on the sweeter side and the other, well, bitter and bites back.

Blink twice if you have had free-time already this week. Happy Tuesday! Same! What did you do with that time?

Here I am surfing the keyboard haha.

Knowing that for the first time, humans have the potential to master all of lifes fine arts and tie up loose ends with a bow that they choose is a BIG deal.

What quality of conversing you do with the cashier at your local grocery shoppe, is too a BIG deal. Small “things” and moments that really many of us disown are in real time experiences that is going on between two worlds when we are referring to communication between one another. Our ancesters KNEW this. We KNOW this. Hello, how are you today?

A pick-up line and for some a reality check.

Not believing in something does not mean that something isn’t as real as you and I.

In all seriousness, lets keep it light-hearted and acknowledge morals and principles that we must be mindful of that exists within each and everyone of us. It shocks me for less than a secound to realize that there are A handful of people that still watch “The News” and then I realize that, sometimes I dance with my back turned to time.. ‘What would I do if I don’t…X,Y,Z’

Apply experience to your free-will and find out, right?

There are so many incredibly fasninating concepts to think about referring back to those of our blood who were incarnantated on Earth (the same planet where we are) years and years and years of time before our very selves. How they did not have technology like we do, today. So communication.

For the earth, how the overall quality of the water was like silk. If you know, you know. Even the sky, weather and clouds were not the same as they are today. Not was rainbows and butterflies through those times, as I am sure one could imagine. What is intriguing is when we begin to think about these things, it is like a fire flame being brought foward. When we begin to journal about these lifes, we get inspired. When we start conversations about our ancestors and the past that is our future, we can see the world change in a good way. News would cease to exist. Time will heal. People will love. They will know exacltly what Love is. We have an idea of Love but so many of us are getting the idea from a feeling that is outside of our-selves. When we understand that too, “Outside of Ourselves” we also begin to know what we are not and that process begins.

11:36 and I am hungry for some lunch! Hopefully this post wasn’t like a jet-ski on choppy waters and I was able to deliver some ideas. Keep it light, keep it spiritual.

bliss peace & happiness- from me to you to the plants and the trees of earth by the way I love that I am saving trees with this blog! Lets encourage each other, in a positive way today. 🙂